AC216 Craft Table Saw from Axi + a Track Saw?

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19 Feb 2013
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Hi All

I have a track saw and MFT style table. Ive found it to work great for all cuts except for ripping narrow stock.

Was thinking of adding the Dewalt 745 table saw, but I need to be considerate of neighbours.

Any views on the AC216 Table saw from Axsminster?

It's "Oh so quiet!". Really. I'm delighted with mine.

I have an erbauer planer/thicknesser for annoying the neighbors. Nothing quite like it.
Saw it, doesn't look like a sensible purchase now. It's a pity the DeWalt DW745 is so noisy
Trainee neophyte":2anmn7xk said:
It's "Oh so quiet!". Really. I'm delighted with mine.

+1 for the AC216.

I run mine in a garage which shares a wall with the next door house. Even cutting 40mm oak doesn't let out any noise to the adjacent rooms. So when I am working, I can use my TS at 7.30 am or 10 pm, it doesn't really shout at all. Used my TS to make a lot of Xmas gifts just a couple of days before xmas, so was working from very early in the morning to late at night. My chip extractor was noisier than the TS.

Although it is quite a lot heavier than the Dewalt - over three times - which is good for stability, but bad for portability if you don't have / make a moving table.
The machine itself is accurate for my uses, but then it is different to different people. Upon measuring a slight wobble on the blade, it turned out to be the arbor, it was 0.35mm overall, which when I mentioned to Axminster, they said the allowable manufacturer's tolerance is up to 0.5mm for the arbor. This means when I make a cut, the cut width of the blade is 0.35mm wider than the blade kerf width. Which is okay for me - whether it is okay for others or not is up to them to decide.

The fence adjustment is a bit frustrating at first as the adjustment screws are countersunk so when you do adjust it, the countersink pulls it back to the original misalignment. But if you dismantle the fence assembly (very easy) you will find four more socket head screws on the locking end of the fence. I adjusted these and since then I have had no issues. Plus now I use a featherboard to put pressure sideways towards the fence (from top view, it is from left to right) and I get very accurate cuts. Failing theat I use two puch stick technique and my cuts have been very consistent.

As per the measurements on the scale, they are accurate, but I haven't bothered setting them up properly as I have gotten into the habit of measuring from the blade for my projects.

One thing I do say is to make a throat plate (zero insert or otherwise) out of something stable and not use the factory supplied cast aluminium plate. It warps like molten plastic.

But once you get through these issues, it is very good saw. It is quiet, has a small footprint, easy to use and plenty powerful for most uses that non-professionals can throw at it.
Thanks for the response. I respect your patience, but this is pushing me back to the noisy but we'll made and accurate DeWalt!
Well now that is the hard part done for you - to decide what to buy!

Now for the exciting part - you can buy it and start making stuff!!!!!

All the best, mate.
And if the neighbors complain too much, gift them a chopping board or candle holders or some coasters and all is good!
Prizen":2ibkb0xx said:
Is it accurate and precise measurements off the scale repeatable?
Yes, but as with any tool I wouldn't use the guide personally, measure from the blade to the fence.

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Prizen":1odaeg1m said:
Thanks for the response. I respect your patience, but this is pushing me back to the noisy but we'll made and accurate DeWalt!
I'd be shocked if the run-out was better than the AC216 on the Dewalt. In fact I'd be surprised if it was better in any respect other than it being portable. The DeWalt has compromises to allow it to be used in a site based setting.

The Axy has features of a professional cabinet saw - proper trunnions, cast iron top etc. The fence is also designed with integrated slots and a sub fence allowing you to set jigs up for it more easily.

I'd go to an Axy store and see it in person if I was you.

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