A Routing DVD?


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3 Mar 2005
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I am about to embark on the wonderful workd of routing. With litterally no workshop space, routing seems to be the most versatile way to carry out my hobby successfully. I bought a wonderful book by Bill Hylton as recommended on this forum.

I am after an instructional DVD on Routing. This has been asked before and I think the best suggestion was Norm. I have watched many Yankee episodes but I am really after something that just concentrates on the use of routers. Both in a table and handheld.

In this months TWW/WT there is an ad for the following set of DVD's http://www.thinkinghandvideo.supanet.com/page6.html There seems to be some affiliation with TWW/WT

Has anyone come across this video before? Is it any good/worth buying? I watched the demo video online and it seems prety competent. Though seems to be concentrating on HH routing mainly.

Or otherwise can someone please recommend a good detailed instructional dvd?


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