13.5 of the most satifying youtube minutes ever


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imagine getting paid to just eat in the middle of a forest, this guy's living the dream :D
I'd imagine eating the Beef Wellington would be very satisfying - looks delicious! But tbh, I find that style of filming/ editing a bit laboured these days - how long does it take to cut three mushrooms from their stems? A bit like the M&S food ads before they realised the voice-over was overdone and made a joke of it.
Mr Grumpy.
I thought he'd overcooked the beef, but I was wrong. It came out perfectly.
But I wouldn't buy a whole fillet of beef (£100?) and then smother it with chilli sauce...

I wonder what my videos would look like with no dialog? It would save having to remember what I was supposed to be talking about! :)
I read something by Glynn Christian, the Kiwi food writer, where he was describing the method of cooking a carpetbagger - a whole fillet of beef stuffed with three dozen oysters. He said it was wonderful, but as he had it up to three times a week when growing up he got fed up with it. :D
Quite fortuitous finding a fillet of beef just hanging around in the woods … amazing what these 'live off the land' types can find!