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    Chip carving books {SOLD}

    PM'd you regarding these cheers, Tony.
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    Steve's workshop - Painting the outside walls

    Didn't see it mentioned but you have set up authentication on your wifi (set it up as WPA2 if possible)? MAC address filtering is trivially easy to circumvent if that's all you are relying on.
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    screwfix woes

    I always check the stock in the local store first on their website nowadays. There are a few Screwfix around me, (Gloucester, Yate and Bristol) so, more often than not, one will have everything in stock that I need.
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    Best place to buy cut 18mm birch ply

    What are timbmets like to deal with? Can you walk in and have a look? Stonehouse is only just up the road from me, but I'm a newbie and I've never bought wood from anywhere but the diy sheds (sorry for the hijack StanleyTheCat).
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    Woden 192 Vice

    Thanks Roger.
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    Woden 192 Vice

    Where does the car boot take place RogerP? I don't venture into Gloucester very often but it's only 20 minutes or so away for me, so might be tempted to take a look.
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    Cheapest place for dominos?

    Another +1 for Nuts and Bolts here too.
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    Domino fence for 12mm and 18mm material

    Thanks Chris, picked mine up today from the Post Office as I wasn't in when they delivered it on Saturday, thanks for shipping it out so quickly. It will definitely make life a bit easier :D
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    Domino fence for 12mm and 18mm material

    As usual I'm late to the party but if there's any left I'd love one please.
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    Festool TS 55 R Plunge Saw - WOW !

    Yes, I think it's probably the best power tool I've ever bought. Now comes the difficult part ... stopping yourself from buying more Festool stuff off the back of it :D
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    Steve's workshop - Painting the outside walls

    Wow, finally finished reading this awesome thread. Congrats on the build so far Steve and I think it's wonderful that there's been this friendly community around to help out, offer encouragement and advice. I'm looking forward to seeing the completion of your workshop in real-time now :)
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    work bench question

    I'm building my workbench following Paul Sellers' youtube videos. I'm too new to post links yet so search youtube for Paul Sellers and there is a complete series of videos showing the workbench build. I'm using 4x2 CLS timber as well (actually it's 3.5 x 1.5 I think), laminated together for the...
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    Hello, and a beginner's question on M&T joinery.

    That looks like a fascinating build and those windows are beautiful, would love to see more Jacob. Rob, yes I'm building a workbench following his method. I love the down-to-earth way Paul Sellers teaches things and he has got great skills. I've just spent a very enjoyable evening working up a...
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    Hello, and a beginner's question on M&T joinery.

    +1 for the Paul Sellers videos. I'm a complete newbie myself and have decided I'd like to get into woodworking too. I'm currently teaching myself to create mortice and tenons using Paul's methods. Having never done them before and attempting to do it in 4x2s in preparation for building a bench...