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    Alternative wood for plane totes / saw handles

    I use English walnut for my totes. I get it from MAC timbers
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    A Charles Rennie Mackintosh Bed

    Hi As Andy said I think I'm a bit far away to be of help, but I was wondering if these chaps may be worth contacting. They will have a good knowledge of Arts and craft furniture, and they are a bit nearer! https://linktr.ee/themarchmontworkshop
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    To (ol) well or not to (ol) well? That is the question

    Over a 40 year career Have worked on many benches and they all had tool wells, but two years ago I made the last bench that hopefully I will ever need. This is a very traditional Nicholson type bench made of redwood softwood and has no tool well. I wish I had never worked with a tool well and I...
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    The Value of tools

    Some thoughts about the "value" of tools. I often get drawn into discussions regarding how much this or that tool costs, or how cheap or expensive they are. I recently saw an advert for a new all singing all dancing mobile phone which on contract, worked out to about £50.00 a month for a 3 year...
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    Workshop clearance

    Hi folks. At the recent MAC timbers open day I was introduced to a lady who had recently lost her husband, and she was looking for advice as to where to sell the contents of his workshop, mainly his machinery. another member of this group, and myself suggested advertising them on the for sale...
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    The 5th annual Macmillan cancer charity open workshop event

    Well , what a week.... The dust has now finally settled from last weeks amazing charity workshop open day, and things are almost back to normal, well as normal as our world ever gets! From myself, Kate Arnold, Jim Hendricks, Oliver sparks, and the rest of the team, we would like to give you a...
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    The 5th annual Macmillan cancer charity open workshop event

    Hi folks. The weekend charity open day is fast approaching, so here's a gentle reminder, and a blast from the past from two old geezers to invite you along on the day, and to get your bids in on the amazing on line auction Jim Hendricks is currently running. For those of you who may have missed...
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    The 5th annual Macmillan cancer charity open workshop event

    https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/richard-arnold10 here you go Chris. Thank you for your kind words and support
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    The 5th annual Macmillan cancer charity open workshop event

    Ok . I want to come clean and be honest with you. This is just a pretty picture of a tool chest and tools to grab your attention, but what this post is really about is something dear to my heart, and something terrifying that will probably impact on all of our lives at some point in one way or...
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    sash windows

    Hi Andy. It's on my to do list. I'm reluctant to make one without it having a purpose, so I'm currently looking for a good candidate. I made an offer to make one for free to the National trust and English heritage for any of their properties that may have needed a replacement, but they showed...
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    Let’s see your photos of the nicest tree’s you’ve seen

    I love this pair of yew trees that frame the church doors at Stow on the would
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    Free Hand Saws - should I restore them?

    I'm a bit surprised that no one has mentioned what I consider to be the most plausible explanation for the infamous nib, which is that it gave you something to tie your cord round when you fit a saw guard. without the nib the tie keeps sliding off the end...…. but it is just a theory!...…….
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    The 4th anual Macmillan cancer charity open workshop event

    Thank you Andy. we all missed you! I have now edited the link, so should work now.
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    The 4th anual Macmillan cancer charity open workshop event

    Hi folks. Well, the dust has settled, the workshop is back to normal (well our workshop will probably never be described as normal!), and the 4th annual charity open workshop is over. But what a day we had! It's hard to put into words how grateful Kate and myself are for the amazing support you...
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    The 4th anual Macmillan cancer charity open workshop event

    Well it's that time of year again. Time to sweep the workshop floor, dust down the benches, and get ready for the 4th annual Macmillan charity open workshop day. Were looking forward to seeing old and new faces alike. See you soon. Best wishes from Richard and Kate. Event is on Saturday June the...