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10 Apr 2012
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market harborough
Hi folks.
At the recent MAC timbers open day I was introduced to a lady who had recently lost her husband, and she was looking for advice as to where to sell the contents of his workshop, mainly his machinery.
another member of this group, and myself suggested advertising them on the for sale section of this forum, and I was going to post them for her, but have now realised it is against the rules to post for someone else. The machinery is mostly small single phased stuff. I was wondering if folks could advise what might be the best way of selling them, IE, gumtree, or ebay , or somewhere else?
Anyone have any thoughts on this one?
I tend to sell on Gumtree as I know what I want to sell kit for and I can talk with the buyer in advance so find it more reliable.

My experience of selling on eBay is it can be hit and miss on prices realised. I’ve sold kit that realised £150 one week only to have my same item only make £50. If you put a reserve price I find it discourages buyers and I think the listing then costs money. Additionally I find a lot of buyers just drop out even when they’ve won. Final point is if you do sell on eBay make sure you’ve researched delivery, if you advertise that you will arrange then I find you get a much better price.

Just my two pence worth of personal experience.