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    mdf glue joints

    the block is glued - then cut - and then turned and sanded - so finish should be ok. i have said that it is the glue line - but i should have said that it was the joint region - ie perhaps the treated top and bottom faces of mdf may be the problem. i also should have said that there is a paper...
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    mdf glue joints

    i have laminated up a block of mdf using pva which has been sanded - and i want to paint it. in trials i am still getting the glue lines showing through the paint after many coats. it is important that these are not visible. i didnt use mdf sealers but plenty of coats have been added - both...
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    6 small bowls wanted

    It is unlikely that anyone has these. I should clarify - the bowls were not to be given away - simply loaned and returned - if the bowls were not returned in same condition they would be paid for in full as i previously mentioned. In fact the company suggested they would pay in full first and...
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    6 small bowls wanted

    I know it is a long shot and I know the problems involved - i am a woodturner myself - www.tulipwoodcrafts.co.uk I was simply giving someone an opportunity if they wanted it. I would have taken it up a few years ago when i had a house full of pieces i had fallen out with, and thought someone...
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    6 small bowls wanted

    For those that may be interested : i have been approached by producers of a tv programme to be shown on channel 4 to produce 6 natural edge (preferably but not essential) bowls to be used in filming for a 'food type' production for channel 4 - to be filmed mid october. This may give you the...
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    Wadkin rs Lathe

    i also have a wadkin rs lathe - and spares are hard to come by. I have seen bits on ebay but not very common. The items you are looking for are unliekly to be found separately ie. you will have to buy the whole too post. I would recommend that you get the pieces made - by your local cheapest...
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    monkey puzzle

    i turn alot of mp - have a look at my gallery below to see a finished piece (about 6 down) http://www.tulipwoodcrafts.co.uk/gall/gallery.htm this one was turned from a mp tree 5ft in diameter - this one from the bottom of the tree - side grain - you can turn them end grain on for the effect...
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    new web site

    many thanks for your kind and helpful comments a few things like text alteratives i was unaware off and i will have to look into - i accept the navigation switches from left to right with gallery - unfortunatly it was created with photoshop and the gallery setup was automatic - the new page...
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    new web site

    just a note to let you know of my new website : www.tulipwoodcrafts.co.uk feel free to view my work and let me know what you think of the site and the pieces......
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    wood ID sites?

    for timber try http://www.hobbithouseinc.com/personal/woodpics/ or for tree ident try http://www.british-trees.com/guide/home.htm hope these help geoff www.tulipwoodcrafts.co.uk
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    using oils

    i agree with russell 4-5 coats of danish or teak oil will do the job - first coat is the heaviest as it will absorb quickly - other coats need little more than a wipe - rub down in between coats- abralon is good but even 1200 grit will do. Danish oil for a medium sheen and teak for a higher...
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    drilling a deep hole

    can you still turn the piece on the lathe ? 1. if you can - try and attach your drill bit to a piece of hollow tube - ie. an extension bar -you may need to file a flat and have a self tapper hold it in place - you can then either push the drill bit through the lighthouse by hand or using your...
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    Platter stands

    thanks for the links guys - there should be something there to suit.....
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    Platter stands

    I am looking ofr a supplier of stands suitable for shallow bowls and platters (to stand them vertically). Unfortunatly i dont have the time to make them myself - in wood preferably but anything of quality is a possibility. Suggestions welcome.....
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    End grain tear out

    hi paul with most bowls you will get some kind of distinction in finish on the two sides of the bowl with end grain - at least until you turn a few. the end grain will require more sanding tahn the rest - usually - and can be a real pain - if you are gettting more tahn this and are maybe...