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    Stabilising spalted wood

    The amount if cactus juice which is absorbed varies greatly, some woods will double in weight some with only increase by 50% or so. spalted beech and burr horse chestnut increase the most in my experience. if you go to the Turntex woodworks website who is the maker of cactus juice you will find...
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    VB36 Vibrations

    this could be a few things, first is to try it with both the thin and thick belts on different pulleys, this will rule out if you have some dirt stuck in the belts or pulleys causinga noise like a stone stuck in your car tyre. next is to get a straight edge and check the pulley alignment. Check...
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    CBN wheels

    no it doesn't have to be slow, i've run a 6" CBN on a normal speed grinder for a few years now and its fine
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    Not so Dusty

    I have been using the 3M versaflow M100 for a while now and love it Chas, its so light compared to the trend I used to have. I wear mine all day... everyday.
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    stubborn stains

    I have used the range of big wipes in the past for things like dried on paint & lacquer
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    Sanding / finishing Vase

    I use the Simon hope long reach inertia sander as found here because its green oak i would just apply lemon oil for now, then once its dry i would use a longer lasting oil finish like woodoc, danish oil etc Simon Hope also has a long reach shear scraper which is good for using after the...
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    More sharpening woes

    I have a tormek and a cbn wheeel on a creusen grinder. if i was to have my time over again I would have an 8" grinder with a cbn wheel with the tormek bench grinder jigs the edge from the cbn is superb and nearly as good as from the tormek, but i am sick of my tormek stone cupping. snainton...
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    UKWorkshop YouTubers? Let us know!

    I have done a few videos but I don't feel comfortable talking to camera... and it shows!!! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3vvUa ... _as=public
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    Making your own tools

    Ashley isles have HSS blanks for sale
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    Beech log cutting and beech vessels

    they are about 60 to 90 minutes each depending on how tall they are, I did a time lapse video of the 2nd piece being made and that was 65 minutes. I'd post a link but would probably get in trouble!! but if you search "George Watkins" on YouTube you'll find it
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    Beech log cutting and beech vessels

    thank you I think you have the basic idea of spalting covered.... but I have never seen freshly felled timber with any spalting unless it was dead standing or diseased and I buy a few tonnes a year and have been spalting my own for nearly 15 years.
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    Beech log cutting and beech vessels

    hello folks I have cut the last of a batch of beech that I bought about 3 years ago, I wanted it to spalt with lots of zonal lines but it had other ideas!! here are two beech logs, both were about 20" wide and by the time the ends were trimmed the blanks from them were about 14/15" long. this...
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    For the box turners

    thank you I prefer them to normal scrapers and find that I can get a better finish (especially on really dense wood or resin) all my scrapers are negative rake and have been for many years, I cant see any reason to use a normal scraper.
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    For the box turners

    thanks Dalboy, its not as heavy as it looks at only about a 1/3rd of a tonne. thinking back about my how long i've had it i reckon its more like 14 or 15 years
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    For the box turners

    thank you for watching, part 2 coming soon. the vb36 is expensive now, but it wasn't too bad compared to others when I bought it about 16 or 17 years ago