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    thicknesser snipe

    having looked at your photos again the snipe appears to be within a distance from the end in what would be an allowable amount for waste, this allows for splits and machining faults such as you`re seeing, an old adage is to keep it as long as you can for as long as you can, so hopefully cutting...
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    thicknesser snipe

    Hi Bob, you may need to use some support on both the infeed and outfeed sides of the thicknesser dependent on the lengths you are thicknessing. I have roller stands set up both sides of my sheppach p/t this reduces the chance of any wobble or inadvertent dipping as you feed in and guide out...
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    What did you do in your workshop today ?

    my pondering chair Is it a lazy boy?
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    Blast gates

    Very neat Murphy, I will pinch this idea if thats ok, as I need a couple for my new extraction(4"domestic waste pipe) system, Cheers Chris
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    Why do tape measures always go the wrong way?

    wow, great idea, onto the ever increasing tuit list,
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    Heating the workshop

    I use oil filled rads, as they are very safe, using fan heaters is a fire risk as you have a hot element and sawdust which in my opinion is not safe, sawdust is very combustible and the heat from the element is enough to ignite it, I would never use gas heaters as apart from condensation and...
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    The most over hyped groups?

    Bruce Springsteen is way over hyped/rated imho
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    Fancy a FREE Axcaliber Premium Bandsaw Blade?

    Mine arrived Saturday morning, not had chance to try it yet, hopefully will use at the weekend. Thanks Axminster. :D
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    Fancy a FREE Axcaliber Premium Bandsaw Blade?

    yes please 88" x 1/2 6-10 vari pitch, unless I have miss counted,
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    Table leg modification. Removable?

    Have you tried laying the table on its side with 2 legs pointing at the doorway, pass them through the doorway whilst turning the table and moving it into the room, keep moving into the room and turning the table in the same direction and you should be able to get it in, this wont work if the...
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    Am I likely to suffer in future from PPP

    I use the Blackadder method, 1 pencil up each nostril and go wibble wibble wibble,
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    Using wires for burning?

    must have money to burn :lol:
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    Adjusting a tailstock

    Hi, in which direction is it out of alignment? vertical or horizontal or a bit of both? On this type of lathe their is normally an alignment strip fixed on the underneath of the bar which locates in the headstock and allows the tail stock to travel backwards and forwards but not side to side...
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    Poole Machinery PW 28-40

    they have an oddments bin in the main timber store, always worth raking through, Wessex Woodturners also meet there last Friday of the month, the shop is open for a short while before each meeting, start time 7 for 7.30
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    In what way are cheap lathes bad?

    find a good professional turner and invest in a lesson or 2, this will be the best investment you make, your lathe may not be the best but should be adequate to get you well and truly bitten by the bug and eager to invest in better equipment, beware the slippery slope, :D