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    chainsaw sharpeners

    I use one of these if it gets really blunt/damged and just a suitable small round file by eye when out and about with the saw, only takes about 5 mins to touch up normally when you refuel (and have acup of tea :) ). cd
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    Myford MkII

    Hi Steve If its the Mystro there's one on the AWGB pages for sale for £650 to give you some idea cd
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    Pen turning.

    Hi, Pretty useful description here HTH cd
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    Watch/Clock Faces

    Hi Ray, Welcome to the forum. You could try looking at woodturning supplies for small clocks. try this for starters ... fm?pid=174 cd
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    Slate roofing insulation

    Hi Steve, I've not had the problem myself but my sister had a similar problem with her last house. She opted for the spray on stuff from a company called Renotherm and was very happy with the result. It sticks to the slates to keep them from slipping and adds considerably to the insulation. She...
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    Is it me or is this odd?!

    Hi Paul, It was me that asked the question about them before, post is here for interest. While I ended up with what I wanted they were a bit slow getting it too me and I had to phone them, to get any sort of response. They answer the phone using a completly different company name too :o . cd
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    How do you measure a V shaped chisel?

    Hi Calv Pretty sure its a carving tool not a turning tool, a quick look on just search the product code, shows that the ebay deal seems to be no better than buying it from them though :( HTH cd
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    would this be worth it

    If it goes for anything near that starting price that would be an amazing buy. At double that plus hiring a van and a round trip of 7-800 miles I would probably consider it if I hadn't just booked next years hols :) cd
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    Where do burrs come from?

    Hi Mr S I recently turned a bowl for a friend from an oak burr he asked me the same question. The best I could do was a quick google search for him and came up with these. and I think if...
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    Sealing a workshop floor

    May not be the right thing but I just finished laying a load of second hand carpet tiles in my workshop (office throwing them out) and I sealed the wooden floor with PVA before sticking them down. cd
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    Wooden USB keychain (looking for suppliers)

    I know :shock: Saw some 2gb ones in costco last week for about £30. I did wonder about getting a cheap one stripping the plastic cover off it and seeing if I could turn something to fit it in. Might have to have a go at chasing threads though and thats not something I've really got on with. cd
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    Wooden USB keychain (looking for suppliers)

    Hi All, I noticed these in the latest Rutlands catalouge and thought they might make nice and slighty different xmas presents but thought £25 for a kit was a bit steep. So has anyone seen them for sale anywhere else ?, preferably a bit cheaper. TIA cd
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    Anyone used

    Update: It arrived yesterday which was 3 weeks :( instead of 7-10 days but apart from that it was fine. It was well packed and all set up ready to plug in and use, so I'm happy overall. cd
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    Aldi Router Table

    Probably too late now but I was in Luton around lunchtime today a bit early to pick the outlaws up from the aiport. I called in to the Aldi next to the big B&Q and there were still plenty of routers tables and 3 biscuit jointers, well 2 when I'd left :D I've had a quick play with my new tool...
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    Wooden pens

    Hi RPM, My pen madrel is a two part one the mandrel has a straight section that fits into the morse taper part. I guess this straight section could be gripped by the jaws of a chuck rather than using the morse taper. The mandrel came from turners retreat, part of the kit on this page. I would...