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  1. Aled Dafis

    Which cordless drill?

    Thanks for your replies guys, yes I was expecting to pay top dollar for decent kit, and to be honest, my Milwaukee drill has performed admirably, so I'd be more than happy to buy another. I'll look into the Fuel range, they sound the business. I'm currently also looking into putting new cells...
  2. Aled Dafis

    Which cordless drill?

    The batteries on my Milwaukee 18v are shot, and unfortunately they changed the design a few years ago, so I can't get hold of replacement batteries anywhere. So, I put it to the jury, which drill should I go for? I have no real brand preference but need a decent combi drill, and I may even be...
  3. Aled Dafis

    Nilfisk hose to fit festool ts55

    Yes, I agree with Matt, get the appropriate Nilfisk hose, they work really well.
  4. Aled Dafis

    Tormek T3 or Grinder?

    It's mainly on the skew chisel, I sharpen on the platen but I believe that the belt folds up just a hair in front of the tool, resulting in a very small round over. The edge is still pretty sharp, but doesn't seem as good as off the grindstone. The hollow bevel might also have a part to play...
  5. Aled Dafis

    Tormek T3 or Grinder?

    Ha! I haven't been on this forum for a good few months, but surprise surprize, the first post i find is on sharpening/grinding. ;-)) I've used a Tormek, ProEdge and a simple grinder with a decent Norton 3X wheel, here are my thoughts. Tormek - produces great edges but is quite slow...
  6. Aled Dafis

    Salad bowl finish?

    Update: I've just tried Walnut oil, and it gives a lovely feel, I'll report back when it cures. Cheers Aled
  7. Aled Dafis

    Simple Segment Project W.I.P.

    I like your use of the drill for sanding, I take it that you've converted it to run off a transformer of some kind. 12V? Hmmm..... :idea: #-o #-o Aled
  8. Aled Dafis

    Grinder height

    I have my lathe centre height an inch or so above my elbow height, and my grinder centre height a few inches above that again. This may sound high, but it works for me, meaning that I don't have to stoop over to see what I'm doing. Glenn Lucas also advocates mounting your grinder high up for...
  9. Aled Dafis

    Salad bowl finish?

    Wow, I thought we'd come up with a consensus pretty quickly on a basic salad bowl finish, but it seems that there are as many answers as there are issues. - The issue I have with sunflower/olive/mineral oil is that they don't harden and therefore will wash off. - Tung/Danish oils have added...
  10. Aled Dafis

    Salad bowl finish?

    Interesting, Mike Mahoney's finishing oil is popular in the States and that's pure walnut oil. If I remember correctly it's what Glenn Lucas uses on all of his bowls.
  11. Aled Dafis

    Salad bowl finish?

    Great, thanks. Do you have any experience with walnut oil? From a little reading on the web, it seems to be pretty popular and is one of the fastest polymerising natural oils (so they say anyway) so it should dry to a nice sheen.
  12. Aled Dafis

    Salad bowl finish?

    Hi, what do you guys use as a durable salad bowl finish? Ideally I'd like something with a bit of a sheen. Thanks Aled
  13. Aled Dafis

    NOT overheating when grinding

    I use a Norton 3X 60G wheel which grinds cooler than any other I've ever used, they really are worth the money. One thing to remember is the thinner the section of steel, the quicker it will reach and pass it's tempering temperature (~200 degrees C for O1 high carbon steel). If you have a...
  14. Aled Dafis

    A Woodturning get together in Wales?

    I was planning to go to the ISCA show (Paul, the guy that runs it was a technician at the University of Glamorgan many moons ago - a great guy!) and it would have been good to meet up with fellow UKWorkshoppers, but unfortunately the WJEC have just offered me a bit of marking work - GCSE Design...
  15. Aled Dafis

    Worth fixing ?

    I'm afraid that I'm in the other camp, if it's badly cracked and missing the wedge and full of worm holes, I'd burn it and either make a new body, or just pick another up at a car boot/ebay. There's loads of them out there! Aled