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By Glynne
I'm in the process of making a Greene & Greene type jewellery box / chest out of mahogany which I plan to french polish, or at least go for some other glossy surface.
I will need to fill the grain and as this is the first time I've used mahogany I thought I'd better ask for some advice as to the best type / colour of finish to use.
The wood is: -

The colour I'm aiming for is something like this chest made by Darrell Peat so I have an idea as to how to get to something like this colour but don't know about what base filler I need to use.

Any thoughts, suggestions would be very much appreciated.
By Glynne
Thanks Custard.
I realised that I will need to finish this before final assembly and hence I was looking for filler at this early stage.
The one good thing about it is that G & G used screws to secure the joints (OK and a dab of glue) so at least I can do a full trial assembly and some adjustments before finishing and assembly.
But yes, things such as polishing the domes of the pegs and how I’ll fix the base need to be thought through.
Probably a good exercise for me in terms of discipline as I have been known to be a bit careless with components after joint cutting and before assembly and this time I won’t be able to correct any self inflicted dings!