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By Doris
Hi everyone,

Just bought this Hegner Multicut 1 from a bootsale yesterday for £60 and was wondering if any other Hegner owners could tell me what's missing from it please.

I know that the table insert and foot pedal are missing but apart from that I really don't know.

Thanks everyone :D

Also in one of the photos the switch is loose as I was looking at the wiring when I took it. :oops:
Well done Doris. I don't know that much about Hegner personally, and certainly don't know what's missing, but at 60 quid you certainly got a cracking buy. By all accounts they're VERY good and the one I tried side by side with the Excalibur (which I ended up buying) certainly "felt" excellent. The only thing I would say is that if you need any "official" Hegner parts to replace whatever's missing, they're going to be expensive! OTOH, as you got the machine itself at such a good price that probably won't matter too much.

Is this post on the Scroll Saw section (I can't see which section it's in while replying)? If not I suggest you re post there as there are several helpful Hegner owners who should be along shortly.

Good luck with it, nice buy.

Edit for P.S: Sorry, now it's posted I see it is in the Scroll Saw section, sorry.
By whatknot

The only thing I can see thats missing is the plate around the blade, but you can cut one to fit yourself

Does it have the bottom blade clamp?

The blower tube needs reattaching by the looks of it

The top blade clamp is the quick clamp variety, you may be interested to know that is worth about £24 on its own (and is an essential addition to this type of saw IMHO)

A foot pedal is not essential (nor needed IMHO)

I would contact Axminster and see if they still supply the Hegner type blade clamps, they come in different width of groove to take the thicker or thinner blades, you buy them in pairs, so can set up two for the price of one (as you have the top quick clamp)

NB the top quick clamp should be locked down with the top knurled knob (rather than the normal clamp which is left floating slightly)

Axminster also sell the excellent Pegas blades
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By Lons
That's an absolute steal at £60, lucky bu**er! =D>

As said, the blade insert is only plastic and replaceable or make one yourself, You can buy the rear clamp rod / lever assembly which is ( I believe ) standard these days. Just answered another thread about that.
The quick change blade attachment was listed at £19.16 + vat when I bought my machine March 2016 and I agree it's worth having.
No foot pedal or stand are supplied with the machine so not missing, better making your own stand anyway.

I think you can download the manual from Hegner if you don't have it but if stuck I could scan to pdf.

By whatknot
You are correct on the manual although most are the later models, but the machine is so basic most is still relevant, there are one or two out there for older models

On the rear quick tension lever, I made one from a bicycle quick release spindle, cost a bit of time and about £3
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By Doris
Thanks everyone for your help.

I'm a bit new to the blade clamps. Could anyone show me a photo of their quick release blade clamps please?

If I don't need a foot pedal then I won't go and get one for the time being. I do use a foot pedal for my foredom and that is really handy to have as a I feel I have more control but may try without in the meantime.
By whatknot
The original set up would be a pair of blade clamps, one top and one bottom, the original Hegner blade clamps have a square peg screw, tightened with a clock winder type key

You use the block that projects to the right side of the table to set the blade clamp to mount the blade and tighten it making sure the blade is the right way around

The v shaped blade clamps when mounted need to rock slightly, the bottom has a spring clip to hold it in place, the upper blade clamp a thumb screw, you mount the upper clamp and tighten down onto it, then back off the thumb screw by half a turn so the clamp will rock

However the quick clamp replaces the top V clamp and you tighten the thumb screw onto it and leave it that way, you will find the quick clamp makes blade changing much easier

See pictures for illustration

Axminster sell (or sold) aftermarket blade clamps which use an allen key screw instead of the clock key bolt, which I find much better than the Hegner originals

(they don't list it as a part online, but its part number was 10010428, I would give them a ring, they are very helpful)

Tools wise apart from the clock winder key, there would have probably been two or three allen keys
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Just to add my own twopeneth, NOT that I have much experience of the Hegner mind, but from time to time the question of a foot switch comes up here. I bought one to use with my Ecxcalibur and now wouldn't be without it. MUCH better control. Mine does not change the speed, that's still on the head of the machine, but it simply turns the saw on or off. But having now used one I wouldn't be without it. I guess it's a bit like electric windows on a car or something - once you've had them you wouldn't willingly go back to windy windy jobs!

Just my own opinion FWIW.
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By Doris
Thanks whatknot for that. I will be looking into new blade blocks soon. We finally put a plug on it and it works!

Can someone tell me what the silver arm bit on the side is for please?

I certainly agree with foot pedals being handy. I use them on my foredom power carver and they are brilliant. So will be keeping an eye out for a foot pedal in the future.
By whatknot
Silver arm bit?

Do you mean the part parallel with the top moving arm? it holds the hold down foot when fitted

Or do you mean the block fitted to the table? thats to hold the blade clamp whilst you fit the blade to tighten it up
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By Lons
Doris wrote:
I certainly agree with foot pedals being handy. I use them on my foredom power carver and they are brilliant. So will be keeping an eye out for a foot pedal in the future.

I have the Foredom as well, impressive bit of kit but be aware that if the Hegner has a no volt realease switch like mine, as far as I know that has to be bypassed to use a foot switch.
By whatknot
Hegner won't have a NVR switch unless added

Foot pedals may be useful in certain circumstances, Foredom for example, but can't see the point with a scroll saw, in my case much of my scroll sawing is done standing where a foot pedal is of no use at all

But understand they may be useful to some, but very far from essential IMHO