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By graduate_owner
Hi everyone,If anyone needs to join 4" dust extraction hoses together they will probably know that household drainage pipe is too big. What I have found as an exact fit is BT ducting, which is all very well to know about, but where does one get hold of the stuff from? Well I bought a few lengths some years ago and can supply lengths if anyone is interested. The trouble is, as always, distance - I'm at the Wales end of the M4 and then some 25 miles or so. However if there's anyone close by, or if the cost of P&P isn't too prohibitive, then it may be possible to help people out.

I'm new to this forum - what an absolute mine of information and ideas, and thanks to those who have already replied to my previous question - within about 12 hours!! Amazing

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By paulm
That's helpful to know K and a kind offer.

I use some of these ... prod22310/ dead cheap and easy if added to an order of other stuff to get value from the p&p, seal with duct tape or the large jubilee clips or similar.

Cheers, Paul
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By petercharlesfagg
The only time I needed to join 4 inch ducting I turned a piece that fitted inside just right and then fitted 2 jubilee clips, worked wonderfully for several years until I changed the configuration!

Regards Peter.
By graduate_owner
Hi Adam,
I'm between Llandeilo and Lampeter, so a fair distance from Swansea. If you just wanted a few short pieces of tubing to join a couple of lengths of flexi pipe then you'd be welcome to them free. But if you read one of the previous posts, you'll see that Axminster do them for about £2.50 which is probably cheaper than posting and way cheaper than the cost of collecting. However if you are likely to be in my area then let me know in your reply and enclose your phone no. so I can contact you.
Hope this helps.

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By chipmunk
The Screwfix 100mm ducting range may be worth looking at too.

I know that the flexible stuff is designed for positive pressures but the rigid tube is fine for DX systems.

By Jacob
I use "Hartley's Ma Made" tins with both ends cut off. Exact fit and sealed with gaffer tape etc. Free.
If in doubt wander round your nearest grocer with a bit of hose and see if you can find a tin to fit, with contents you might want to eat.
Watch out for the store security - they may think you are a bit of a perve. :oops:
You may get a better class of tin in Waitrose, for all I know.
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By Pete Maddex

I cut a strip about 30mm wide from 110mm waste pipe with my band saw, and use it with pop rivets to join the sides back together.
Its easy to do just cut a 100mm long section off and stand it upright on the band saw.
Slip it inside the hose and jubliee clip it in place
By ATBuild
Hi all.

Sorry for opening up an old thread but I have the exact same issue and found this thread while googling.

I found some BT Duct on EasyMerchant (can't post link here yet) can anyone confirm that this worked?

The link in the previous comment was dead.

By hawkeyefxr
waste pipe, look for some house building work and ask if they some offcuts. I was lucky and found some that had been dumped, i even made a 4in hoover tube for hoovering the shop after i had been turning
By graduate_owner
Hi ATbuild,
I am not sure what the exact spec of my ducting is, but I think it is BT. I bought some 16 ft lengths at an auction so can't say for sure, but it does fit, and you are welcome to some if you live within a feasible distance. As I said before, I don't think posting would be economically viable.