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By joiner_sim
Hi guys!

The Euro 2012 football tournament is nearly here! So I've setup a fantasy football mini-league using THE SUN newspapers website. Its completley free to enter a team and if it's anything like the previous game based on the premier league season 2011/12 then its going to be great. I speak from experience when I say they payout prizes without yourself having to pay a penny, I recieved £100 during the season for scoring highly one week!

I did try to setup a UK Workshop mini-league last time, but I left it too late so barely anyone had time to sign up before the closing date. However, I had previously setup a league seperatley for my friends and family, which was really good and competitive with lots of teams! So this time around I'm just creating one league with everyone in to give everyone more competition and fun!

So, if you fancy having a virtual £50million to spend on your own Euro 2012 Fantasy Football Team go to and create a team for free! Once you've done that join the league by simply entering these two simple details:

Mini-League PIN: 103637
Mini-League Password: 1234

I hope to see as many of you on there as possible!
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By Webby
I finally done it i must have been half a sleep last night and did not notice on the right hand side FREE team lol :shock:

the easy way is to let the site pick a team for you (lucky dip) then edit your team from there :wink:

ok guys
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By joiner_sim
Thanks for joining up guys, I expect many more to join us yet.... so recommend the league to anyone you think might be interested.

If anyone has any problems setting up a team, please reply in this thread
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By Mike.C
Is there any prizes because it mentions you winning £100 but does not make it clear if there is any this year


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By joiner_sim
This link explains prizes being awarded in this Euro 2012 competiton:

To clarify how I won the £100 it was by entering the free weekend dream team competiton they ran for last season. You had your normal team and then every weekend you could choose another 3 players to enter the "weekend dream team competition". Top 100 teams who entered into the weekend competiton would recieve a prize.

Clicking on the link I have provided you'll see that in this Euro 2012 competiton only the top 5 teams overall win cash and the rest ranked up to 105th win a Premium package for the next premier league seasons worth £50. During the Euro there will be 4 chances to win. Top 3 teams in periods named win cash and top 103 teams win a premium package.

Sorry if I misled anyone into thinking they was going to win cash easily, I was just pointing out that it's worth entering when it costs nothing and myself being an example that cash is being handed out as prizes.
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By joiner_sim
Haha..... I had him too! I've posted a link up on bulletion board to UEFA which gives all confirmed and fit players if you want to check the rest of your team. I had a German player that I had no idea was injured until. I checked.