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By aramco
hi I have been asked to replace some handles on copper pans and steamers, any help would be appreciated, the pans will only be hand washed, I do not have a lathe, so it will have to be scroll saw and hand a matic, my thought's where ebony, and purple heart.

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By Trevanion
Obligatory mention of "I'm not a scroller", but I wouldn't bother with timber that's too fancy like Ebony or Purpleheart. Proper black throughout Ebony is pretty bland and it will just look like black plastic rather than actual timber, Purpleheart looks good for a couple of years but it loses it's colour very quickly and goes to a dull brown. Pretty much all timbers with a fierce colour when it's freshly cut like Padauk, Purpleheart, Bloodwood and others very quickly lose it, if you want the fierce colour to stay you're best off getting a pale wood such as Maple any dying it, it's also notably cheaper.

Making handles without a lathe is fairly straightforward but there are many ways to do it depending on what tools you have to hand. The simplest way I can think of is that it can be done roughing the shape with your scrollsaw, using a knife to whittle it to the right shape and then sanding it smooth.
By MJOriginals
I’d go for a really tough wood like Hickory or hawthorn although they are not the stunning colours you were talking about they are a good strong wood