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17 Sep 2002
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Castell Nedd, De Cymru
Usual show discounts to be had did not see the bodger there did anyone else see him?
My main reason for going to the show was to look at the different P/T at the budget end and comparing them, glad I did because the SIP was at the top of my list, but comparing it with the Record Power soon scrubbed it off as the Record has a cast bed and the Sip has a tinplate bed also had a demostration off Recordpower of it in working mode and was quite pleased with the results.
Liked the new SIP jointer because of the well built cast iron fence, but they did not have it up and running when I was present.
Enjoyed a good hour on the Classic Tools stand listen to the Clifton guy and wading through all the drools.
Met up with Waka and Philly and they even bought me a cuppa nice people
What did I buy? Well erm.. pot of Strawberry preserve and Farmhouse pickle yep thats all still saving for P/T.

Philly are you still de-greasing that Clifton #4 1/2

Nope, didn't spot any bodgers either. I was, as you may imagine, gutted. :cry: Funnily enough I had a look at the Record P/T too, and wasn't grabbed. Could be I was influenced by my visit to the APTC shop the day before, and their P/T.

Anyway, even as I type I'm uploading a few pics to the gallery for those who didn't make it. Strangely the majority seem to be of the Classic Handtools stand... Oh, and they're big files, but I thought viewers would appreciate as much detail as possible.

Philly, sounds like you'll be able to provide us with a better pic of the #4 1/2 than I, eh? :wink:

Cheers, Alf

Good to meet you on Saturday, I think it was Philly who bought the tea, he does look prosperous. oh to be young again.

Glad you liked the RP P/T, as I mentioned not user friendly when changing blades, if I'd known that beforehand I probably would have gone for another make.

All in all I think it was a good show although nothing really new from last year. But was impressed with some of the demonstrations.

The only bargains I saw this year were on the wax and finishing products, anyone else catch any others?

Didn't go with anything in mind to buy, but saw some really good rigid clamps for joining wood, so spent the wife's housekeeping. Also a neat dust collecter from Leigh that will fit most routers, bit pricy but I think worth it to capture the dust that falls below the table top.

I've now given you 24 hours, where's the photos?

Hi All,
Yup, was great to meet up with Waka and Sawdust on Saturday, nice to put faces with names! Luckily, "A" didn't turn up with the threatened bus load, so I was able to pick up that Clifton 4 1/2. Yippee! Also, picked up a Gordan high angle smoother (See separate post for details, planefreaks :D )
I was highly disappointed the pole lathe guy wasn't there-I even had my camera at the ready! Maybe next time.........
Other highlights- SIP cast iron table saw, looked pretty good, price looked even better-Show offer of £459!!!!! Was highly tempted until my Father (who was also there to see the pole lathe dude) gave me one of those "not in my car" looks :cry:
Record rsbs14, 8inch depth of cut-£259 :shock:
Clifton 4 1/2 and 5 1/2-show price £180 8)
Cup of tea in the tea tent-£0.60p

All in all, a nice day out. And it was a lot quieter on the saturday than the Friday ( the man in the car park said). Arf!
Till the next show,
Philly :D

The white one. Pretty solid piece of kit I thought, but of course I didn't have the means to check out the fence etc which Andy seemed to feel was its weak spot in the GWW review. Funny how Axminster have so much more space, and yet you still can't look at one thing without blocking up access to somewhere else! :roll: Maybe it makes 'em feel at home. :lol:

Cheers, Alf

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