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Hi Leeboards,
Very interested in the Metabo HC260 p/t if I'm able to collect it.
Where in the country are you?
Regards, Paul
Hi. I'd take the Festool Clamps, particularly the quick-clamp ones (both styles), if you're willing to sell them separate from the MFT. Would require them to be shipped (EH48 postcode). Apologies if someone else has already requested them. Thanks.
With apologies, I'm fairly new to the site and didn't realise that members profiles contained their location, you are too far away for me to collect realistically.
Regards, Paul
Domino looks clean
I’ll take it depending on postage being visible for you and cost effective for me
Thanks josh
Interested in the David Barron square, looks rather novel and I've just found my old Crown square it not particularly square haha!
And the Veritas marking knife thanks

I would be keen to take the HC260c planer/thicknesser if nobody has already requested.

Would look to collect this weekend.
Many thanks Hornbeam for putting the Mirka sander back in my court, unfortunately I got confused with the name before seeing any pictures, it was actually the DEOS model I was interested in not the DEROS.

So, the MIRKA sander is still for sale.
Interested in the Festool TS55 with guide rail and new splinter strip + 2 screw clamps.
Are you able to send to Poland?
Hi can you tell me the model no of the DeWalt router.and any chance of some pictures.thanks...harry.
steve66":24ixezyx said:
Can you post pictures of what’s in the worksharp 3000, postage to SA44
Hi Steve, Sorry for the delay getting back to you, I have been busy packing up items lol.

I will post some pics up tomorrow if that's ok?

cheers, Lee
Bgray1":2qnb0a31 said:
Would it be possible to post the hitachi finish nailer? Would be interested if so


Yes, I could do that, I will work out postage costs over the weekend and get back to you.

Cheers, Lee

Can you please answer on possible delivery to POLAND?

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