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19 May 2018
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Just in case you don’t know (I didn’t) WT Magazine is one of the magazines Tesco does on their 1:3 deal. In other words £18 in vouchers pays for a £54 12 month subscription. At £1.50 a month (in vouchers) that seems a bit of a bargain to me!
Ah, I couldn't find it when I looked before Xmas. It was £13 of vouchers last year, and I iffed and butted anyway - it's gone too arty for my liking. I can't really see the point of working for days seemingly just to prove how clever you are when the finished item could just as easily be made of metal or plastic.
I was given some of these. Very interesting, but there's only so much variation on a theme that they can print, and as has been said, it is a bit arty in places.
The techniques are useful, the ideas for projects also, but really I don't think I would want to subscribe.

graduate_owner":utrr4rco said:
there's only so much variation on a theme that they can print
I agree but would go a bit further and say that the limitations a lathe places on the kind of things you can make results in people, once they can turn the familiar shapes, fiddling endlessly to create new technical challenges for themselves - which is great if it makes you happy, but otherwise it's probably best to accept what a lathe does well and enjoy it.
graduate_owner":1mo54eh5 said:
...there's only so much variation on a theme that they can print...


I was an avid reader of camera magazines, my favourite being the monthly title Practical Photography. However they did seem to recycle the same themes every twelve months or so, with only the technology - and the price! - changing. Some of the staffers seemed to forget they were writing for a camera magazine and would produce meandering pieces about nothing in particular, One phrase that sticks in my mind over 30 years later was 'spread like whale cr*p on an ice floe'
phil.p":2fx7tvss said:
I was given a bundle from about 2000 - the main difference to me between them and the new ones is that there seemed to be far more "how to do"s than "look how brilliant I am"s.

Do you mean the old ones had more "how to do" articals? Not sure which way round you mean. I've got old back-issues. I don't buy the new ones. As Lonsdale says, there's only so much you can say about wood turning. It must go round again, but maybe this is why it moves on to being arty - the writers feel they've already done all the other things that a new turner would be wanting to read.

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