Wood 'Grown to shape'


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I uproot a spruce stump or two now and then either for boat repairs or for old style millwright's work which both require grown crooks. It is just common work to me. I have saved a few high stumps when logging this winter and will see what I can get out of them once the ground has thawed.

In the old days boatbuilders in this region would split twisted spruce logs to thet twisted end pieces for the first two strakes on a boat.
If you want to watch a boat being built, look here - Tally Ho.
Chap-Leo got a 100+ yr old sailing boat for $1 and started replacing the entire thing from the keel up in new timbers.
The build is now in it's 6th year, and literally no expense has been spared, nor traditional method overlooked.
From the original keel in purpleheart, the frames, all the bronze(all cast to order), lead keel poured on site(1st attempt went askew) to the internal cabinetry mostly in cherry, it has been a real adventure.
I can only guess at whats been spent renovating this old classic, but it has to be over £1/2 million.

When I say they are making everything themselves, I mean everything. even the masts and spars.
It's nearing completion, but I reckon its still a year or two away. A real labour of love built as ships should be built. Worth a watch anyway.

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