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12 Jan 2003
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I`m just finishing off the nursery in prep for the new baby (not long now)

I got 8 pine doors to hang (only one in the nursery), luckily I got all the doors and they are close to a perfect fit "as is" (all door frames are 27" wide).

but when I hang the door I want to go down the hand plane route rather than ruin the whole lot with my power plane :oops:

the question is which one?

the main parameter would have to be
1) cost (I don`t have a bottomless pit of cash)
2) ease of use (I would`nt mind if it were a little "forgiving")

what would the forum suggest?

kind regards

Hi Steve

kityuser":2mg0csr3 said:
but when I hang the door I want to go down the hand plane route rather than ruin the whole lot with my power plane :oops:

I'm curious as to why you think you'd ruin the doors with a power plane? I'm not trying to dissuade you from buying a hand plane, as I said just curious.

I bought a power plane specifically for hanging/adjusting a lot of doors and I found it to be excellent.

I suppose its a confidence thing, I have used the power plane before, but its a very cheap model and I always seem to end up taking far to much wood off.

I also end up with quite bade snipe.

I`m planning to do the work on the landing (final tuning) hopefully the hand plane will be less messy?

also its a perfect excuse to buy some hand tools 8)


A new Record #4 would be pretty good. The mooern planes may not be as good as old ones, but the Record is a substantial piece of kit and far better made than any modern Stanley.

My #4 (bought new from B&Q about 5 years ago) came with the sole pretty much as flat as a new LN and it only took a couple of minutes to hone the blade and flatten the sole before use.

OK, we are not talking LN quality or performance here, but it is a decent plane and will do exactly what you want for little money and little effort.

Have fun and good luck to you and your wife :wink:
NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No, no, no, no! :shock: Old is the operative word here. Not only will it be better, but also cheaper. Can't believe they've got the cheek to charge that for that doorstop...

Nope, you want, erm... oh dammit, I can't find a suitable link. Ebay's too blooming slow to load these days. You want a secondhand user from somewhere; dealer, car boot, whatever. A list of dealers on my site; give 'em a bell 'cos basic bench planes aren't exciting enough for them to bother putting them on their sites. Or you could get a bit fancier and get a reconditioned one from Ray Iles (see the dealer list).

Cheers, Alf

by number 4 you mean one of these:

(I feel so ignorant :oops: )

am I needing a jack or a smoother?

many thanks for the kind words about me and Mrs Kityuser, we can`t wait :wink:


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You're not helping, Tony... It's expensive and it isn't very good. Why would anyone buy one? #-o Not least 'cos things at Record have changed a lot in five years and they're now made in China...

Cheers, Alf

P.S. Steve, if really desperate PM me; I have a Stanley #5 1/2 jack that I'll let go for a reasonable figure. I'll even ship it ready to go, if I can find a box the right size... :-k

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