Wheel Marking Gauges Review


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waterhead37":1b3ogw4u said:
One great thing worth mentioned about the Titemark is that you can use it like a depth gauge to set exactly the depth you need for a mating part.
Alf":1b3ogw4u said:
but there were a couple of features I looked out for especially; whether the cutting wheel screw was flush to allow marking into confined spaces/direct transfer of dimensions
That means reversing the blade negates the ability to take direct dimension transfers

Cheers, Alf :wink:
Alf, at last you have reviewed something that I actually own (the standard old Veritas).

I can only say what's already been said about the quality and standrad of your reviews. I look forward to reading them


Great review. When you say these things don't follow the grain do you mean they are just as good along the grain as across it?

Fantastic review as always Alf, look forward to the next one. I've also got an older Veritas (as well as several of the more traditional ones) can't have too many for some projects!
Certainly have always liked the look of the would be LN, but now even more so.
Thanks for your trouble.
My new new Tite-Mark arrived today! Small, but perfectly formed! What a cracker! :D :D :D

Thanks again Alf


I bought a Veritas Micro-adjust gauge yesterday, based on your review. Very pleased with it - it's every bit as good as you said it was.

Thanks for your excellent review - it enabled me to know exactly what I was getting before I'd got it :wink:

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