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Isn't that a bit unfair - haven't you already had yours?

Not really as we get TWO!!!! :lol:
Last Monday was Sinterklaas (never remember how to spell the bloody thing) and we still get crimbo! I dont really get into the early one though, dont seem "right"??? For the Kiddies anyhow :wink:
I love the symbolism of it all though and "black Pete" winds the yanks up a treat :twisted:
So Zwarte Piet didn't stuff you in his sack and take you back to Spain - must have been a good boy this year! Do you do the little gifts and poems/stories bit?
FelderMan":1oh63stw said:
Wanlock Dod":1oh63stw said:
And I'm hoping for no more coal mines......
Aren't they about to make a comeback ??
Rats! And there was me thinking that the lump of coal I'd got on the mantlepiece was tomorrow's heirloom. It still might be, it's British! :lol:

Hi Scrit,
I did the poems and gifts bit as my wife is a Cloggie and she love the whole thing. It is nice to be fair and does add to the whole Xmas season.
As you know so much about it I guess you spent time here too and know the Dutch have a more "traditional" approach to Christmas which I like. Things like this are exactly why I am still here :lol:
Bought the Crimble tree today and wife is now decorating the thing. I do love the smell of a real Xmas tree!
Yes indeed Duiker, used to live out on the "Hoge Veluuwe" (hope I got that spelling right :oops: ). One of the nice things was the way that at Sinterklaas we all used to stop work in the early afternoon and troop up to the board room where the "groote baas" would present every one of his employees with kerststollen in the shape of their voornaam initial - they never did get mine right! I was there for about 4 years and I came away with mixed feelings about the Netherlands, but I did used to enjoy the Christmas period. Do people still do fireworks at New Year - they were talking about trying to ban it when I was there.

Tot ziens

Dont ask me about the spelling either, I can speak it but writing it down is another matter :lol:

I hated Holland until I spoke the language. Only then do you really get to "know" the place. I know what you mean though. Loads of friends still have the same "mixed" feelings after years here.

New Years Eve is still like a war zone and the "bans" didnt really work. It is good fun to watch but from a distance ;-) I went to Centraal two years ago, had a drunk fire a rocket AT me and ended up knocking the dick head out (I was drunk too). After much fuss I went home and will never go back, too much hassle.

I guess PM is the best way to chat if we go on with this? Drop me a line if you want to "talk old times" :lol:

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