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30 Dec 2018
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Hi, I am putting together my own small workshop to do my private jobs, I need a machine capable of ripping hardwood typically up to a meter long and around the 2" size sometimes a bit of 3", mainly kiln dried walnut and oak, walnut is soft so no to much of a problem but oak is obviously much harder, I need something as small and cheap as possible as it's a second workshop and don't want to go to mad also will have light use,I was looking at the evolution rage 5s with a rip blade but I don't think it's up to it, alternatively I could go down the bandsaw route with ripping blades as it's a versatile machine. I was looking at Axminster craft ac2305b.
Any other recommendations?
For small and cheap definitely a bandsaw not a table saw. Takes up less space, much quieter and safer.

Buy decent blades and don't expect great speed from a budget machine.

Look at Peter Millard's 10 minute workshop on YouTube for sensible opinions at the bottom of the budget range.
For breaking down big waney edge boards, and ply etc, then just a hand held circular saw, a straight edge, some saw horses, and some clamps. For finer ripping, a bandsaw is amazingly capable. It was a bit of a a revelation when I brought a bandsaw into my workshop 10 years or so ago. I've ripped hundreds of feet in the last week making an oak staircase, and countless thousands of metres over the years.
I used to watch Peter millard lol I know the videos you mean, I think I'll look at mid size bandsaw although the small ones look great.
I have the Festool ts55 and that is great for some cutting but yeah it's abit awkward for smaller stuff.
I think I will go down the bandsaw route, thanks for the words of wisdom :D

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