Weird plywood

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5 Oct 2014
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Sunny Glasgow
Years ago, I got some scrap pieces of plywood that was about 1" thick and must have had 25-30 layers.
What was unusual about it is all the layers were coloured, in either red or blue on one piece, and black and blue on another. It was very dense, and well made, but for the life of me I don't know its original use.

Anyone come across anything like that ?. Probably in a coloured form as that seemed to be the point of it.

Wish I'd hung onto it but it long disappeared(misplaced in a workshop move i think)
Have you tried googling - Multi coloured, layered, plywood, or even - SpectraPly wood?
I vaguely remember the sort of thing you describe, I think it was used for café table tops etc, much better to have a decorative edge than an applied trim that would be a pain some time in the future. I don’t remember exact colours though, just that it was coloured.
1" thick and 25-30 layers implies that each ply was 1mm (0.040") thick. That is considerably less than standard plywood. Is there a specialist category of 'thin ply plywood' that would help identify it?


Yes very similar with the large number of thin veneers making up the ply. So it could well have been this

Theres also this, which looks very interesting.