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So 'm "thinking loudly":
Somebody near Surrey-Hampshire borders, with workshop or a job suitable for, interested (letting me in to) do a day of "helping"- testing- messing about (like is in the process of making of picture- mirror frames, building veneered cabinets, shelves, radiator covers, even stairs or custom units "project on the go"), perhaps has or had DF500 or DDF40 or even a poopy Triton to compare to or... I'd offer myself (and AB200). or even one of those making videos already to make bit of a trying- testing- reviewing thingy or even a quick vid? (you better be less good looking than me for that :D)

Had a couple of calls forwards backwards, Doweller arrived from Spain, got email notification etc (so far Virutex and NEY are surprisingly good, considering other people's experiences), should be with me tomorrow or Thu the latest.

Any woodworkers with workshop within an hours drive from Farnborough willing to have play with new toy on Thursday or Fri or even on Sat- do let me know ?
Got it about 11:00'ish, I'm told

Can you see anything wrong in the picture?

Basically, there's one guy, knowledgeable, helpful etc, etc.
Yesterday, he went like: "I'll get people to record the machine number and I'll tell them to include a yellow plug, before dispatching it"....

So far, got the plug of a cable, plugged in to little tranny- spins... not much more to add or to say on the subject, it really is industrial tool, no fancy colourful buttons or levers, TBH smaller, but hardly lighter than DF500... guess it'll have to wait Friday, more likely Saturday for a test run, just too busy ATM.
Having bit of "adventurous time" with personal things etc, back home at last, haven't touched AB200, not sure how things will pan out further on (tomorrow back to outpatients for more tests), but anyone willing in Surrey or Hampshire to have a go- I'll make an effort to meet up next week or so
First time used the doweller (dowler) today in getting bull nose plates joined together on a rebuild of an old staircase... had no time for video or to delve too much in to detail, but observation's so far:
+ once set up properly- accurate, brilliant (better) alternative to biscuit joining
+ cheap dowells, variety of cutters included (only used 6x30mm), but potentially getting 12mm or most common sizes in-between would become "life saving" tool, remembering doing oak block mitered kitchen worktop (that was bowing/twisting all sorts etc)
+ made in Europe tool, does show for it (I mean as it comes value for money, it's not chinesium gimmick quality)
- not exactly as refined as Festool in settings and controls, but it's no a biggy, as once set up you can't physically go wrong with proper stop- pins and markings are spot-on accurate
- dust collector/"plate" is "lower" than 22mm thickness centered set up (basically I couldn't use "in situe", as everything works of the top surface setting), as if to try to go from the joists, dowels would be too high... hope I'm making sense

Next job lined up involving building radiator covers, cabinets etc is lined up for mid Feb, perhaps I'll find bit more time to delve it to more specifics, including working of a guide rail etc

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