Veritas Plane Review - Part Five. Low Angle Smoother

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ydb1md":3e5tycj3 said:
(snip)I received my Veritas LA smoother a day ago and had to give some initial comments. I too find the cockpit a little cramped for my pinkie -- and my fingers are on the thin side. I did make some room for my digits by messing with the adjuster. Simply take out the adjuster and spin the "knuckle" for the blade as close as you can towards the central pivot. This gave me between a 1/16 and an 1/8 more room. Not much but it made a world of difference in the comfort factor.

I love the toe's "integral stop doodah." I'm glad that mine came with it. Rob Lee should actually term that piece the "gravity adjuster knob." I was messing with the mouth opening and found that adjusting it with the knob allowed for rather coarse adjustments. A better option, for me, was to loosen the knob, hold the plane vertically in the air and use the "stop doodah" as a fine adjuster. (snip)

Hi -

A couple of quick comments... you're correct about a new blade creating a bit of a space challenge (marketing euphemism for cramped space) - our only options were to shorten the blade life (movin the first hole down), change the adjuster length (same effect as moving the hole) - or move the handle back slightly in the future (done).

I also have to point out that on this side of the pond, we do use different terminology for a number of different things -

Car trunk ----> boot
Car Hood ----> bonnet
Wood clamp ---> cramp
Rabbet ----> rebate
Mouth adjustment screw ----->integral stop doodah

Never knew exactly how that happened...until now.

Cheer -


(CC'd to the staff at the OED... :) )
You missed out:
Smart a** ----> Smart a***
Just 'cos you didn't think of it... [-( :wink:

Oh, and good news about the handle. That'll be the Type 3...? Gosh, just think; all that potential for a c*ll*ct**n in just one model. :wink: (Edit: reading that again it could considered rather catty, which wasn't the intention at all. :oops: )

Cheers, Alf
Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! :)

How do I know if I know if my LA smoother has the new handle?
ydb1md":1thp1tls said:
How do I know if I know if my LA smoother has the new handle?
Well it'll be further back... #-o :wink: Sorry, couldn't resist. I could hazard a slightly educated guess, but I may be very wrong, so I won't...

Cheers, Alf
ydb1md":2n1xx2w4 said:
Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! :)

How do I know if I know if my LA smoother has the new handle?

Well - the trite answer is "you will have bought it a year from now" ..

Really - I'm not sure when the change rolls in ... but I'm sure it hasn't yet.

One way to tell will be be to look at the tote itself - it too has been changed, and will have a "toe" on front...

Cheers -

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