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Peter T

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8 Aug 2008
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When I bought my Axi SBW3501B bandsaw last year I contacted Tuff Saws to get their recommendations on the blades I would need for hobby/DIY use. They recommended a narrow one for profiling, a 6/10 varitooth for general purpose work with a good finish, and a 3 tpi for re-sawing.

Anyway, after I got the saw setup I found that the 6/10 worked so well that I used it for everything and the other 2 were left hanging on the workshop wall!

Yesterday, however, I needed to re-saw some 8 inch wide oak so I decided to dig out the 3 tpi blade. Actually I tried it with the 6/10 first but, while it did cut, it was very slow, so I bit the bullet and changed blades.

The results were amazing!! 8 inches is the published, and physical, limit for this saw and, since it's only rated at 550 Watts, I was expecting a struggle -


But no, the 3 tpi blade sliced through the oak like it was a piece of cheese, soft cheese at that. I couldn't believe the speed of the cutting, and no signs of the saw struggling -


The finish is pretty good as well.

So, a big thank you to Tuff Saws for your excellent products and, while I think about it, to Axminster for a sturdy, well engineered saw.

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