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Track for Existing Ryobi R18CS Circular Saw


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8 Aug 2020
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North Yorkshire

I have been after a table saw for some time, and I’ve spent so long the one I’ve decided in is now out of stock (Axminster act216 + cabinet and slide), and increased in price!

As a result it’s got to the point where my next project would benefit from it, so I’m looking for a interim solution.

I don’t want to spend too much as I still intend to get a table saw. I have been using a UKJ 915 Progrip Clamp as a guide so far when cutting smaller sheets. I have good condition Ryobi circular saw, and wondering if there is a compatible track I can get? And maybe a better blade? I’ll be doing a bit more sheet work, stud work, window frames, and cladding with a rounded top.

Interested if there is a compatible track, a better blade and if anyone else has a better interim solution to a table saw?



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2 Nov 2015
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East Yorkshire
If you just want a simple straight edge to use with your circular saw that won't cost you almost anything then you can simply opt for a piece of plywood with a good straight length of 4" x 1" wood or similar screwed to it and cut from both directions on either side if your saw has a narrow and wide side to it.

You'll then get a perfectly straight cut every time right up to the edge of the cut line with no need to make allowances for the distance between the blade and the straight edge. You can opt for 4' or 8' lengths or indeed any length of your choosing and it only needs a strip of ply the width of the saw base plus the width of the straight piece (eg 4 x 1).

I have just about completed building an over 3 metre long Catio and when I was laying the base decking, I needed to trim off the ends of the boards and rather than waste time cutting and fitting every piece individually so that I could slap a skirt facia up to the ends, I just rough lengthed them and I employed the use of the straight edge I've described and it was a doddle.:)
I don't use circular saws very often.. I opted in the instance below to put a couple of screws in the straight edge to hold it in place as the screwholes wouldn't be seen but I often use clamps when using this type of straight edge if I can't use screws.

Most off-cuts were 0.5 to 1.0 cm.

Gives very accurate, neat cuts even with a relatively cheap circular saw.

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