Totally off topic - Rayburn stoves and burning waste

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16 Nov 2002
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South of France / Chipping Norton
Finally I got my sticky hands on a Rarburn Royal to burn through my accumulating piles of waste :).

What I want to know is- anyone got one and have one installed to run a central heating system ?

If so please get in touch,

HS on the way to the UK :)
I had a wood burner though not a Rayburn running my central heating for a while - it was rubbish. The tank would only ever get warm to the touch not hot and consequently the rads and hot water would never be as hot as required. Having said that the kitchen where the thing lives is fantastically cosy.

Cheers Mike
My parents house was once upon a time heated by a Rayburn Royal... Great in the room where the rayburn was... Useless for running radiators. The radiators throughout the house got to tepid at best... but it was nice and cosy in the room with the stove.

I have a Rayburn at home, not sure which model, and it runs the central heating and hot water system and has backup from a gas boiler. The system did seem a little complicated at first but it does the job.

I'm not sure I will be able to help in your enquiry but I am willing to try :D

I suspect your gas back up is what makes the thing useable.

Cheers Mike
mr":qeupvhi5 said:
I suspect your gas back up is what makes the thing useable.

Cheers Mike

Only since the house was extended... quite a bit. The rayburn is not a big as an Aga and you can only burn so much to generate the heat.

The upside is the extra cooking capacity and there is always a kettle on top full of hot water for tea/coffee and it is better than any shredder for destroying sensitive documents. The down side is... buying wodd/coal, fetching the wood/coal form the barn and the enormous amount of dust!
I found that I was consuming huge amounts of wood and coal, meaning huge amounts of dust to clean up and despite the huge amounts of fuel I was getting through the boiler was never more than luke warm to to the touch and the house was always freezing. But as I say it did make the kitchen fantastically cosy and warm.
Cheers Mike
The Rayburn here is a Rayburn Royal and it supplys plenty of hot water and heat and has been in use by the current owners since 1993, it was originally installed in the 1950s.

inefficiencies are due to how you run and maintain them. The position of the top and bottom dampers is important as is the condition of the fire bricks, the joints must be air tight and the ash should be emptied on a regular basis to keep the combustion air flow volume as constant as possible.

If the top damper is left open all the heat escapes up the chimney, with the top damper closed and the bottom damper open it is easy for the Rayburn oven to achieve 300 deg. C and heat the hot water. The house is a large 5 bed detached and the Rayburn runs all day and night.

However, it did take me a long time to get used to it... :D