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Im looking for a good quality timber merchants, for s/wood mainly skirtings dado etc.

Are Arnold Lavers any good ???

Or any other suggestions???
Hi Coggy,

Try the Sheffield Timber Company, tel: 0800 358 9952 or if you don't mind paying for the call 0114 256 2541. They're at 62 Broadoaks in the S9 area.

Every time I've been they come across as very helpful and in your case their leaflet lists "over 50 various sections in softwood"

Thanks cutting crew

Do they have a website ?????

Anybody else know if Arnold lavers are any good ?????

Thanks again
HI COGGY I have used the arnold laver depot in chesterfield,and have aways found what i want,and at reasonable prices. They have a retail shop,but also have a trade department,and you can ask for whatever you want to be cut to whatever size. I am unsure whether they charge for this ,and how much, but it will be worth asking.

I bought a whole fence load of tannalised timber to replace my garden fence. It came freshly treated,and cost less than from the likes of b&q, plus it only cost a few pound to have it delivered to my home some 20 miles away.

So yes,on the whole, i like lavers,and they have had a decent reputation around chesterfield for as long as i can remember.

Try them,and if you dont like what you see,you can always go elsewhere

Hi Coggy,

The short answer is no they haven't got a web site just a leaflet with load of stock and reasonable prices.


How long is it since you used Lavers at Chesterfield? That branch has been closed for over a year, it's in line to be flattened making way for a B&Q or some similar outlet, but yes it was a good source.
All the stock went to Lavers in Sheffield but I have never used them so can't comment.

ITS strange that lavers in chesterfield has been shut for over a year, as i purchased some wood there less than 2 months ago.

Yes, it is being run down, in readiness for a relocation somewhere else in chesterfield, and for a b&q to go on this site


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