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17 Nov 2013
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Hi all,

Just curious if there's any decent timber suppliers that are used by you all.

I've been buying increasing volumes of hardwoods (oak and walnut especially) for projects, so conscious that costs begin to rack up!

I've used British Hardwoods before who seem pretty good - but wondering if there's any other good suppliers that people use!

Many thanks in advance!
Timber merchants are very much a local/ regional thing, not a nationwide thing. So my suggestion, Thorogoods of Ardleigh, near Colchester, is no use to anyone living in, say, Scotland.
Heh, yes - I've looked around a bit.

I live in Perthshire - they're a struggle to find (at least ones that stock hardwoods like walnut and have a solid standard - had a few where the wood had been left to the elements a bit which just makes working it harder!)
As someone who works professionally as opposed to hobby, I can’t really fault Lathams. Their response and delivery speeds are exceptional IMO and this value (as a pro) far exceeds the price difference.