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14 Mar 2013
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This is a D/C welder so will only weld steel, stainless steel, my mate has one and they are ok for home use
If you want to weld Aly you will need an A/C welder, these are normally more expensive . Welding Aly for me is very satisfying, seeing those ripples appear.
Can you TIG weld? Its a lot harder to pick up than MIG if you've not welded before. My dad bought one of those 3 in 1 machines a long time ago. It's an OK plasma cutter and an indifferent welder. As soon as he got his migtronic TIG plant his welding improved dramatically!
Droogs, 120 amps isn't really enough. Mine is 130 and I run into its limits all the time. My view is you're better off with a beefier bit of kit (and bigger than mine too. 150 would be my suggestion). And how much welding of stainless steel do you expect to do? If it is a lot, then buy a specialist machine. If it isn't much, and you'll just be welding mild steel, then buy a MIG. Combination welders are a bit like combination woodworking machines.......a great idea until you actually try them.
I did used to weld a lot many years ago, oxy, mig and tig steel and ali, not done any ss that I can remember. The reason this caught my eye is that it has a cutter as well. I have not a lot of room in my shop 2.5x3.5m is the size of it, so it was more as a space saver. I already have my bench26"x7' along with a morticer, pillar drill, 2x router tables for 1/4 + 1/2" machines my EX30 and a scheppach basata1. I have access to the other part of the building which has a hell of a lot more space and commercial machinery but is usually full of ongoing orders and would not want to cause problems with that so it would be used in the small shop. Any suggestions for a different machine that could do the same thing
Don't forget if you want to do MIG and TIG you're going to need 2 different types of gas which will add a lot to the cost. At this price point I would look for a second hand MIG from a known brand.
MIG has by far the easiest learning curve, and is suitable for most basic metalworking tasks.
As someone above said, the mig welding forum (which actually covers all types of welding) is a great resource.

Edit, ok just read that you already have welding experience, that wasn't mentioned in your original post.
I haven't welded anything for around 20 years, i did a ONC course at the local college way back when I used to build kit cars for fun. I am getting some oxy kit for brazing as well as intending to get MIG/TIG as the projects cover mild steel, ali but also bronze. The draw for the 3 in 1 kit was the cutter and the space I have. Gaswise, I have a supply for that so not too hard to have the different gasses needed. just need help to choose a decent machine that is not going to be used at an industrial level but that ain carp either.
I have to ask as youre short of space.... why 2 router tables? I can fit any 1/4" bit into my 1/2" router. As well as 8 mm, and even 3/8" cutters.
Hi Bob,
One has a Katsu in it and the other has a Triton. The small table usually sits under the bench and is brought out for working with materials that are usually not wood. It is used on various plastics, bone, soft metal etc for inlay materiel on pieces usualy no more that 3mm in thickness and takes a very long time to set up properly for the various tasks. It also has an adaptor to take dremel bits in order to work on stone for those parts of the inlays that are pietra dura. (marquetry in stone) such as marble, granite, dolomite etc, As I don't have space or need for large lapidary machines.