Thinking about applying for life insurance ?

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20 Feb 2004
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I strongly urge anyone doing this to ask to see the GP report that will be sent to the life company.

I recently applied to one company and was rejected. I never asked to see the report before it went off. Big mistake. Applying to another company, this time I asked to see the report. wonder the previous company got itchy feet. There is a Summary Page that the insurance company will home in on as a First Base....

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An Active problem is used for conditions that are currently affecting the patient’s health and wellbeing. I had 11 listed o_O. Of those 11, 7 were outdated, inaccurate and/or resolved. Of the remaining 4, all were 'business as usual' such as annual monitoring of hypertension. Hardly life-threatening.

So the next challenge is to see my GP to get the 11 corrected, where relevant, and moved into the correct section.

The other point I discovered was that the surgery uses an outdated version of QRISK - QRISK2. This version is recognised to overstate the mortality % and was replaced FIVE years ago with QRISK3. Yet the GP record sent to the insurance company makes no distinction, simply referring to the QRISK score.

Hope that this is of help.

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