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17 Jan 2023
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sorry for the spelling.

just wanted to express me gratitude for all the collective wisdom imparted to date. am determined to master the basics of this fickle hobby and I've got you all to thank in part for the pursuit of perfection when it comes to the tiniest last bit.

to date the most helpful stuff for me haf been planing 101, @Ttrees and @Jacob and the myriad of issues and consternation that any dialogue over sharpening stirs; but it haf seen me true.*

but also the plenty of encouragement from all youse else; I thank-you for helping a new mewling woodie along the way.

wifey would say F.O. but I say thankyee amd would buy any of youse a drink if you were to venture a few hundred mile past Gretna.


*and a myriad of stars you all are, for being on here and for spending your time on writing useful replies to such-and-such.
Cosman, Charlesworth, Weaver and Mickley have done all the work regarding hand planing really.
All I've done was point that out, and possibly emphasize I make no exceptions regarding putting those things together, which is seemingly optional for some.
i.e having a decently long flat bench with a long reach easily movable angle poise lamp, a full width cleat for a planing stop, and a nice bit of area around the front the bench, enough for a chair would be about right.

The lamp and the use of it,
The cleat, what's the full width of the bench, with 17mm dowels,
And the space mentioned to work nicely, are the only three things I can think of, what might be of any personal tips, the rest is just copy and paste, should one not seek out some of St.Charlesworth's videos, one particular planing wide boards video from Cosman, and finally the setup for tearout free use of a plane as per D_W, which was suggested by Warren Mickley early on, but overlooked by everyone.
I could add David's mentioning of "directed pressure" I found extremely useful to attain a perfect even camber, to scoot the cap iron very close and not end up with the cap overshooting a corner.

So my thanks here would be towards the work of those few.

I've got too many folks to thank here, @To all of ye,
It's rather nice to know there's no shortage of knowledgeable folks to learn from.

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