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I'm hoping to buy a Wadkin AGS 10 sometime soon. If I need to collect it myself, could I feasibly strip it down and put it in the back of a large estate car? Or do I need a truck or trailer or similar?
I guess I can take the fence off and the top off easy enough. Probably also get the motor out. But does the cabinet break down into a top half and bottom half, or is it all one bit?


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19 Oct 2002
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Sudbury, Suffolk
Hi MD,

I cannot fault your choice of saw, here is a thread about when I bought mine. :D

It will come apart, quite easily, do you know how old your saw is? The first part of the machine number is the year it was made you can see that mine is from 1972.
I have only one of the possible two cast iron wings for the table, they are just bolted to the sides of the table. The fence should just run off the ends of its rails, which are bolted to the table, front and back. The table is held on with bolts from inside the cabinet. With care I can move all of these bits by myself. I would take off the motor and starter, leave the wiring connected, that is quite heavy on its own. The cabinet on mine has a cast iron top section with a steel sheet bottom section, older saws have both parts made of cast iron.
I have not separated the cabinet, but I think the top section with the trunnion mounted in it will still be very heavy, it just looks that way. I assume that the older all cast cabinets do come apart, but I am not sure.

The only problems I can see with putting all of it into an estate car, lifting it in and then the total weight, but with care you might get away with it, but are going to need help and a large box of wheatabix. :shock: :wink: Oh and drive home slowly trying to avoid emergency stops!

Please if and when you get the saw post us some pictures. :^o


Thanks very much Dave
I hadn't thought about the consequences of braking for thought!