"Strange" Hegner Scroll Saw


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27 Oct 2015
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There is a Hegner Scroll saw on e-bay (https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/256509348699) that has a "strange" fixture on the right-hand side of the table. Does anyone know what it is? I asked the seller and he didn't know as he was selling it behalf of a deceased friend - but I did ascertain that whatever it is, it was fixed.

Thanks Blister - I see what you mean about it having been on the other side. The seller didn't know as he knew nothing about the saw but when I asked if it was fixed in position he said it was! It looks as though there is some sort of clip about half way along allowing the "thing" to move backwards and forwards.
No idea. It has the Hegner hold down just to the left it which is well worth having.
It looks like one of those very long staplers used to staple in the middle of books.
Our estate office has one.

That machine also has a dust extraction port, left front. Not sure what year Hegner started fitting them.
Both my Hegners are very old, no dust ports.
Jaco, I don't see any real resemblance to a long-arm stapler. My best guess is that it's a fence or hold-down of some description, though what or why I've no idea.


I agree with Jaco, as soon as I saw it a part of a stapler came to mind. One thing I am 99.99% sure of is that it is not part of the saw nor anything to do with Hegner. It may have been utilised by a previous owner for some reason?

The machine is not that old because it has the quick blade tension device fitted, it looks about the same as my Hegner which I bought in 1999.

If the machine works it will be a brilliant buy for someone - it 'ticks all the boxes' variable speed, Quick blade clamp and quick tension release. I am amazed that someone has not bought it.
Thanks for all the comments. Perhaps the key point is "if the machine works" - when I asked the seller he couldn't give any reassurance on that score at all which may explain why it hasn't sold.
My 2 Hergners were purchased off Bid-or-Buy and I first drove 100km to try them before I committed to purchase.
My suggestion try it out first.