Storing “spalted ” timber

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17 Jun 2019
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There is a standing dead cherry tree near me, one large bough has been felled, showing some nice spalting. With potential for introducing mould, fungi and insects, I don’t really want to put this in my timber store to season, do I? Any advice on what to do? This includes don’t touch it with a barge pole..
The spores that cause spalting are everywhere in the air and ground around you. Bringing already spalted wood under cover wouldn't make any more of a difference than if you brought unsplalted freshly cut wood in. The cherry will dry quicker if cut into boards or rough turned into bowl blanks thus stopping the spalting process. Bugs that is another story and you will have to look very carefully for signs of the wee beasties in the cherry. If present you would have to heat the wood until hot enough to kill them and the eggs. If you can't do that then leave the wood where it is.