Static phase converter issue

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6 Jul 2015
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Evening chaps, I've bought a second hand static phase converter as I've got a couple of new toys on the way. I saw it working, running a big milling machine before I bought it so it definitely works. Its a 2.2kw transwave. Put a new flex and plug on my new sander and... nothing. The coil in the starter is 380v - would it need to be a 240v one for the phase converter to pull it in?
Hello TFrench
When I got mine it took a while to sus out the conections, you may have to swop the conections around in the plug, make sure that the control coil is fed from the L1 and L3 phases.
If you dont have the original instructions let me know and I can copy one.

Thanks for the reply merlin. Further investigation today has found the switch on the sander seems to be the fault - not getting contact through the start switch, but it all works when I trip the contactor manually. I was hoping to keep the original switchgear but might have to leave that for now.