Startrite Mercury with Clarke motor

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15 Jan 2015
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I've put up a few posts on different aspects of this.
Adding a Clarke wind up table to the Mercury was pretty easy and that machine is now well suited to my needs.
That left me with part stripped Clarke and a spare motorless Startrite.

The hope was to swap the good Clarke motor onto the Startrite.
Once I'd got the belt drive wheel off the old blown Startrite it looked as if it might just fit on the Clarke spindle. Oh joy, a precise fit and exactly the same steel spindle to wheel locking insert.
Then all to do was make a steel backing plate to match up motor and machine mountings. All lines up beautifully.

Now just 1 question. The Startrite motor switch is a 240/ 440. I think it was previously set up for 440v.

Just checking that all I needs do is switch the live via terminals 1 & A1 ( or 2&A2 etc) and run the neutral and earth right up to the motor. Think the pic shows it as 440v 4 core wiring.
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