Stabilising a banana covered pottery vase?

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19 Mar 2007
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Yes, you read the title correctly :rolleyes:

I'm involved with a local Men's Shed and we have had a large pottery vase donated. It's quite soft=ish pot and \I think it's called unglazed earthen ware. It is covered in what is almost certainly banana leaves and the general idea is to turn it into a lamp. The sisal decoration on it isn't totally stable and I'm not sure about the stability of the banana leaves either.

m|y thought is to make up a 50/50 mix of Titebond3 adhesive and paint it with the mix, maybe not as strong as 50/50? It will soak through both the leaves and earthen ware and should stabilise the lot.

The biggest problem is that it's going into the Christmas Fayre next Sunday, 26th, and as I am away from Tuesday till Saturday it doesn't leave me much time to get it done. So any ideas would be appreciated please took flamin sweet, as the French say :oops:

I imagine any watered down glue would work but would possibly require a few thin coats rather than one thicker coat to avoid streaks and lines.
Pva as weak as 10% solution, sprayed or misted on a couple of times will stabalise it a lot without making it too plasticky and without soaking it too much.
Ta for the replies gents. The tB3 is the exact same colour and I tried it on the inside of the flaired top. There's no colour change at all. The snag is that I'm not going to have time to paint the outside so it's going to have to go as is. It's a shame. but we are away till next Saturday with the Fayre on Sunday. I just hope that it is going to be stable enough for the job?