Smoothing edges and sanding faces

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31 Jul 2015
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Bromsgrove, UK
Hello all,
I have been making some simple childrens toys for my little one and I find myself spending a great deal of time finishing the shapes off properly. The bandsaw and scrollsaw cuts aren't bad but little fingers are very soft so I'd like to get the wood as equally smooth.

I adhere patterns using spray adhesive but it's awful getting the muck off and it clogs sanders up quickly. Can anyone recommend the Triton Belt and Spindle Sander for giving nice curved edges and sanding faces? It appears to be the most favourably reviewed low-end belt and spindle sander and has a 3year warranty too.

If you use a different tool to remove rough edges on scrollsawn work I'd love to know.

One way to overcome sticky glue problem is to cover face of wood first with masking tape then stick pattern to it after you have cut peel the tape I use this technique a lot
As for sanding I have loads of different sanding items and use them all at different times from the drum sanders to the proxxon sanding pen this sanding pen is pretty good for small stuff but i modified the small plastic bits that hold the sand paper by gluing Velcro on them and then cutting my own hook and loop backed sheets to size, the proxxon sticky backed sheets seem to be a fairly poor abrasive and they don’t last but I have found the wolf roll abrasives pretty good
Hi Spence, not sure what type of spray glue you're using but try using a repositional spray glue on the back of the pattern then attach to the wood, no need for masking or blue painters tape it comes off easily and if any residue is left it'll be very little and will come off with a quick sand. I've been using some from Crafters Companion for years and never had a problem with it. The only time I use tape it's clear packing tape on top of the pattern when cutting thick wood, 3/4" or thicker to prevent burning. ... e-can.html
I don't use spray glue, its to much fuss & mess

I print onto A4 self adhesive sheets, slap on the workpiece, once cut a wipe over with turps subs and 30 seconds later the remainder generally peels off in one piece leaving no residue

Cost is about .07p per sheet much less than spray glue and masking tape etc and a whole lot easier

Using good blades will reduce the necessity of sanding to much, but emery boards work well as do needle files, I particularly like the set I got from Lidl a while back, various profiles , virtually the same as the picture but a whole lot cheaper, I think they were about £5 the set and I have been using them a couple of years and still going strong

For a nice smooth finish on such as toys, I find using sanding sealer after the last sanding, when dry (minutes) a fine sand and they are smooth as silk


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