Sliding door kit recommendations?

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AJB Temple

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13 Oct 2015
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Tunbridge Wells
Has anyone had any experience of sliding door hanging kits / assemblies? I want to find really good ones, where the doors will not flap about. Probably barn style top hangars in either iron or stainless steel.

I need to hang two full height sliding room divider doors in a kitchen. They need to blend in with painted panelling, so that when closed you barely realise there is a doorway. The panelling look is in the attached photo (ignore the orange sofa please).

The panelled doors I want to feel weighty and will probably be about 25mm thick plus 4mm or 6mm panelling depth on both sides. There is no need for fire proofing (one is a door to a walk-in larder, the other to a corridor leading to another building).


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Ive used them too and they were great and very accomodating, we were in a barn in the middle of nowhere and it seemed to be a delivery bermuda triangle but they made the effort