Searching for a 4 jaw chuck to fit my basic lathe

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14 May 2020
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Hi guys
A newcomer to the forum, but hoping someone can point me in the right direction.
My wife bought me many years ago, a Nu-tool 0134A lathe, I believe the model to be a Clarke CWL 12D or a Draper WTL12 or WTL 30
I turned down all the usual things when I first got it, and then put it away. Now, on lockdown, it lives again, but I'm keen to see if I can get a 3/4 jaw chuck to fit it, for bowl turning etc. Does anyone know of the existence of such a thing and where I might get one?

Many thanks, in advance

Have you had a look at the Record Power SC4 chuck? It is available with a suitable adaptor to fit a variety of thread sizes; think I counted 14. The link was the cheapest I found when buying mine. NB/ Usual Disclaimer: I am not affiliated in anyway, shape or form to Snainton however if they wish to send me a wee thank you then they're more than welcome to do so.
Versa chuck from tool post, then if you up grade you can move the chuck to a new lathe by changing back plate.
Both the Versachuck and Record SC4 will have adapters to fit, and both are good chucks with plenty accessories available.

It might be worth pointing out that a chuck isn't essential, albeit very convenient for many operations. Somewhere in your stored possessions you will probably find a "drive centre", a "live centre", and a "faceplate", which will let you do most of the things you want to do, albeit with sometimes a bit of thought and time added that you can escape by using a chuck.
Many thanks for your assistance. I've been watching some YouTube videos and I think I can do a lot more things without the chuck, but it would still be a great idea to try and track one down.
Lazurus":9t9oh09u said:
Versa chuck from tool post, then if you up grade you can move the chuck to a new lathe by changing back plate.

Many thanks. Im going to check out the SC4 AND the Versa chuck. Hopefully one will suit my purpose
As much as I like the versa chuck and do recommend it to many as I own one, looking at the lathe it is very light duty and I think that the versa chuck may just be a bit heavy for that machine
The SC4 will also allow you keep the chuck if you chang lathe, it offers aound 14 different sizes of inserts. You can buy it as a kit with the insert you need now then it's abut £14 if you need a change of insert. The kit also includes a set of 2" jaws with mounting screws, an Allan key to operate the chuck and a wrench to help lever it off after use. Snaintons are offering the lot for £125 including free delivery making it the best value I found.

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