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Scroll saw addiction


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10 Mar 2012
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Claymore":1wn1clln said:
Your right about scroll saws being addictive Chris....... I have started to see a counsellor to try and help me control my urges to sneak out to the workshop and turn it on! my first visit i had to do the usual thing "Hi I'm Brian and I'm a Scroll Addict" its amazing to see the number of "Addicts" about including one extreme case of " Mr D who actually married his saw" and another who is in a bitter custody battle for his precious Hegner!
If only someone had warned me about it before I may have picked a less addictive hobby like Line Dancing! 9-)
The quote above is from another thread but I felt it needed a new thread to address the problem of scroll saw addiction !

Hey Brian.
I know the feeling. I also visited a counsellor because of my scroll saw addiction and here's what he said.

"My advice with this or any other full blown addiction is to cut it out slowly a bit at a time".
I replied, " What speed do you recommend ?"

He gave me a strange look and then said "It's not about speed, it's more about how long it takes you to stop"
I again replied, "Well, I can reach my stop switch in about half a second !"

He gave another strange look over his spectacles and seemed to be deep in thought.

He then made an observation comment, "This addiction seems to be ingrained in you".
I replied, "Well I do cut most types of wood" and was getting dry mouthed by this time.
He quickly said, "You need some water, have a SIP, to which I replied, "No thanks I've got a Delta and a Hegner !"

Hmm, he then said, "For the record I recommend", I cut him short to say please don't recommend anything for the
Record as I don't own one !"

He then said, "I can see a pattern developing here", to which I replied, "If it's a good one maybe I can cut it out !"

"Ah" said the counsellor, "If you can see the pattern you surely can cut it out, here's my advice, think of the pattern and you will be cured."

I left his office thinking of the pattern for my next project but most of all.......I was cured !

Are you addicted ?