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Sold Scheppach Basato 3 Bandsaw For Sale


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Gordon Tarling

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25 Apr 2021
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S. Lincs

Scheppach Basato 3 vario bandsaw, in good condition, with rip fence, mitre fence and several high quality blades - only selling because I'm buying a larger one.

Tilting large cast iron table top, ripping fence with magnifying glass, continuous adjustable speed control
In good, used, condition throughout.

Technical data Dimensions (L/ W /H) 860 x 600 x 1,680mm
Table size 548mm x 400mm
Table height 520mm
Table tilt adjustment -17° to +45°Blade wheel Ø 315mm
Sawblade Length 2.360mm
Sawblade Width (min-max) 2.5mm to 15mm
Cutting speed 370/750 rpm
Clearance Height160mm
Clearance Width 306mm
Suction connector Ø 100mm
Weight approx. 69kgs
Motor 230v 50HZ
Input 0.9kw (1.1hp)
Output 0.6kw (0.75hp)
Speed 1400 rpm
Switch/plug unit with no-volt release

Sorry, but due to size and weight, this has to be collection only from the Grantham area. However, I am prepared to meet up or deliver within around 50 miles for the fuel costs. Cash on collection or direct bank transfer please.
NOTE - you will require a large estate car or small van to transport this - it's not going to fit in a Fiesta!

asking £275 or near offer Please PM me via this forum.







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