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Sold Charnwood W740 16" Bandsaw For Sale - £550 o.n.o.


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Duncan A

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8 Nov 2007
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I’m selling this bandsaw on behalf of the family of a past member of our woodturning club, with proceeds to be split between our club and the local hospice.
After cleaning it up and fitting a new blade it cuts beautifully and can be seen and tested at my home in Northampton.

Maximum cutting depth​
255mm (10″)​
Throat width​
410mm (16″)​
Max. cutting width with fence​
275mm Left / 225mm Right​
Table size​
560mm x 450mm​
Table height​
Table tilt​
-10 to +45​
Mitre Guide T-Slot (x2)​
10mm / 16mm​
Cutting speed​
420 & 840m/min​
Motor (induction)​
2200W (3hp)​
Blade length​
Blade widths​
10-25mm (3/8″ – 1″)​
Dimensions (WxDxH)​
965mm x 800mm x 1760mm​

It is a 16” trade rated bandsaw, dated 2015, but looks little used, being in very good condition.

It comes with rip fence, mitre guide and fence adjustable 60 degrees each way with preset stops, 2 x 100mm diameter extraction outlets, wheel kit, instruction manual and 2.5m power cable with UK 3 pin plug. Runs on a standard 13 amp electric supply.

The blade guides are the ball bearing type and changing the bandsaw blade is simple, with a quick release lever and a tension indicator.

Fitted with a new 1/2" x 3tpi SuperTuff Sabrecut bandsaw blade from Tuffsaws – a brilliant general purpose blade.

I'm looking for £550 o.n.o.

If you want to see the bandsaw (Northampton - easy access), let me know by PM and we'll sort out time and date.



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