Rutlands DK6680 Air Filter fault – can anyone help?

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28 Nov 2007
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I was very happy with my Rutlands DK6680 until recently. It’s fairly quiet so doesn’t drown out the radio and deals with the dust well, but now it will only run on slow speed and I need the high speed when I'm using the machines.

I told Rutlands and they suggested I buy a new circuit board from them which I did, but after I fitted it there was no improvement.

So I wrote back to them, they don’t seem to have a phone, and they replied that there was no more that they could do for me and as it was out of guarantee they recommended having the unit checked by a qualified electrical repair technician.

My question is - has anyone had a similar experience and how did they deal with it? And how do I find someone prepared to look at it for a reasonable fee? Thanks in advance.
Are you sure it's not the remote controller? - I have what looks like exactly the same machine branded Record and had quite a few issues with the speed setting etc until Record sent me a new remote.
Does pressing the ON/SPEED button on the side of the unit have any effect?
I’ve just checked and I get the same results by using the ON/SPEED button on the box so I don’t think it’s the remote at fault.

It starts off at low speed, at MID the hum gets a tiny bit slower and at HIGH it goes back to low again.
Thanks Blister for the suggestion. I don’t have any new batteries to try in the remote but it seems to work fine as do the buttons on the machine itself. I’ve just given it a good blowout. Not a lot of dust in there really, it’s only 3 years old but worth a try. Thanks.

@MorrisWoodman12 , I’m in Deepest Wiltshire
Thanks Jack, that’s an interesting thread but unfortunately I’m electronically challenged and most of it goes over my head. I now have a spare circuit board for my machine but I wouldn’t be able to do anything with it. But thank you for your interest.

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