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Thankyou for the thought, but there are liability issues around what we can use. We have to use what they give us basically.
I have one that I will send, don't worry about postage or returning it, I've never needed the piece.
PM me your address and I'll send it tomorrow

Hi Noggsy,

I've got this pack, it's not entirely the same as the one you posted but if any parts are useful please let me know.




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Dave, that’s very kind, thankyou. Just the black circular pre-filter holder on the far left would be brilliant. I’ll PM you and thanks again.
I can’t thank everyone enough. One of the holders has arrived from a DL postcode, so Thankyou to whoever that was. I’m sure the others will land shortly and they will be gratefully received by the team. I hope everyone is staying well in this very strange time we are living through.
All four holders have now arrived and I want to thankyou for your ideas and your very kind support. I used my respirator at a job for about 5 hours today in full PPE and, whilst not comfortable, they are lot more comfortable than the alternatives.

Keep on being the lovely, generous people that you are =D>
I'm really sorry I've only just seen this.

If you do need any more in the future, I'm a CAD person, so if you let me know the exact dimensions (overall size and thickness) I could create a CAD model in what-ever format the 3d printer people want.
Peri, many thanks for the offer, but we are all sorted now take care.