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Rocking horse - collapsible


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3 Nov 2005
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Via strata montana
Hi Folks,

inspired by a simply made but somehow appealing rocking horse I once saw in a pub I planned to build one myself. What appealed me in particular was the possibility of folding it to a more comfortable size when not in use.

I took some photos and measured the essential sizes with my thumbs, hands width and span. Back home I put these measurements down on paper drawing a rough plan.

My rocking horse is made from cherry, except the dowels for the stretchers, foot rests and handle that are beech.

So here she is:

Folded for being stowed away (or sent by post, what is to happen to this one):

The folding mechanism created much more fuss than originally expected: oblique holes

metal thread inserts in the stretchers, unavailable appropriate hinges and so on.

Short plugs secure the legs from wobbling:

The head is secured in the body by draw boring

I used both handtools and small machines, especially my small router which I had built a small "router table" for that is simply fixed to the work bench with hold-downs.

Suits small:

and older ones:

Thank you for looking, best regards